About Urban Logistics

We carry a profound responsibility to develop one another and enrich the lives of others. By placing deliberate emphasis on investing in our people, we believe ULR will deliver superior work product.

Explore our embodied values below:

We Not Me

We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Collaboration, teamwork, and unity – both internally and externally – make our success possible.

Challenge the Status Quo

We have an insatiable desire to explore the “why?” behind the way we operate, and we constantly seek to find a better way.

Enjoy the Journey

We want our employees and our external partners to wake up excited to work with us each day, and we strive to create a workplace that is additive to life satisfaction.

Quality Over Quantity

We care significantly more about the impact that each individual project creates than the total number of projects that we do.

Unflinching Loyalty & Commitment

We cultivate long-term partnerships that span decades because we value the trust and comfort that loyalty creates.

Passion for Philanthropy

We are passionate about giving both our time and our financial resources to support the surrounding community.

Invested in the Next Generation


Linear Feet of Trails & Sidewalk

Creating amenities within urban communities that promote wellness and enhance the experience


Trees Planted

Seeing opportunity in the long-term means finding ways to positively impact the community now and in the future.


Meals Packed

Being a good neighbor means committing time and financial resources to support the surrounding community.

Interested in Connecting with Urban Logistics?

We are passionate about building lifelong relationships with partners that hope to create a lasting impact in their communities. If that’s you, we’d love to connect.

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Our Community. Our Family.

We are honored to give a helping hand. We consistently give our time and resources to support our neighborhoods.