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The next generation of industrial is more human-centric than ever before. It thoughtfully considers how to create lasting value for neighborhoods and communities, while also providing the necessary support required for modern businesses to thrive.

By seeking to enrich the lives of every stakeholder touched by our work, our projects deliver a palpably distinct value proposition.

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What Makes Us Different

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Unconventional Staffing

By staffing a mix of both industry veterans and individuals with non-traditional backgrounds, we are able to problem solve in creative and unconventional ways.

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Technology Creators, Not Consumers

By creating our own analytics platform, evolveRE, we have better insights at our disposal when making investment decisions.

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Relentless Pursuit of Alpha

We’ve demonstrated the ability to consistently generate not only strong returns, but also returns that exceed market performance (alpha) for our partners.

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End-User Focused

We spend considerable time thinking through how we can create value for the businesses that eventually occupy our space, the employees who work in that space, and the cities & neighborhoods that are home to our space.

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Creating a Sense of Place within Communities

Every development has a unique story that results from the culmination of thousands of decisions made during the course of a project. Learn more about what gives each of our developments a one-of-a-kind persona.

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Investing in Our People

We have combined the market experience of industry veterans with the fresh perspective of professionals from non-traditional backgrounds. The results are unique problem-solving capabilities and creativity.

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